Migrating to new Control Panel.

Dear Qontinent users, Due to recent changes in cPanel's license model, Qontinent will be migrated to a different Control Panel.The increased costs for Qontinent associated with the new cPanel license model, conflicts with our ideology to provide cheap, premium hosting. Our eyes are set on Interworkx, but suggestions are always welcome!We're ... Read More »

6th Sep 2019
Stopping PHP 5.x support

Dear clients, With the release of PHP 7.3, Qontinent will officially drop support for all versions of PHP 5.x.If your website/code still relies on PHP 5.X, we recommend to update to support PHP 7.x.This generally is easy to perform by updating most common code from 5.x to 7.x (Namely mysql to mysqli). If you are confused or have no idea how to ... Read More »

19th Apr 2019
Celebrating the new Qontinent!

We have been working hard to re-visualize Qontinent and we think we've got it right. As a celebration, we are offering a 35% discount on all new purchases with promotion code: "QONTINENT".You may use this code as much as you would like but it can only be applied to new services, not existing ones.This promotion will run from 22th March 2019 to ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2019
Coming Soon - Game Servers

Qontinent is expanding!

We're working on adding affordable game servers for all your gaming needs!
We cannot give a date just yet on when this will become available, but we'll sure let you know when the time is there!

Already interested or got any questions? Just open a ticket and we'll be right there to answer all you want to know!

21st Mar 2019
Welcome to Qontinent!

Welcome to Qontinent Solutions!
Are you looking for the perfect all-in-one solution you deserve? Then we might be just for you!
Now running on more powerfull servers with addequate hard drive space to serve all our clients while staying affordable.

Did we catch your attention? Go check out the packages!

2nd Jul 2018

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